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The following are the variety of cloud billing solutions that MTS offers:

MVNE Solution

MTS’s MVNE solution for MVNOs provides startup and established MVNOs a complete solution for all their virtual network operations including:

  • Pre-integrated platform with major MNO’s
  • Minimal Investment with a revenue share model
  • Short time to market (less than three months)

MTS MVNE & MVNO Platform is an advanced, cost effective, convergent Billing and Customer Care solution that efficiently handles virtual mobile networks. The platform offers any MVNO the opportunity to seamlessly extend and adapt their operations to support multiple MNOs, offerings and subscribers in any market. This is achieved easily, quickly and cost effectively, regardless of their location and localization requirements.

Using the MTS end-to-end unified platform, startup MVNOs are able to shorten their time to market with a quick implementation time, including connectivity to their MNO of choice.  Established MVNOs are able to leverage the MTS MVNE solution to extend or replace their existing MVNE platform to support new offerings, enhanced services and multiple MNOs all from a single multi-tenant, hosted location. They can quickly rollout new services or adjust rates and charges in real-time without having to submit custom requests.  More information about the MVNE/O solution


Mobile Money Solution

The Mobile Money solution targets the cellular users who do not have bank accounts and extends the MTS’s MVNE offering. This solution will also be offered as a standalone product to financial service providers (FSPs) and mobile network operators (MNOs).

The solution provides financial services to end users such as cash deposit, withdrawal, balance query, money transfers, goods purchases, remittances and bill payments, using their mobile phone.

The Mobile Money solution supports customer access through different technologies (STK, SMS, USSD, Smart Phones App and Web) and manages the customer lifecycle, agents and merchant accounts. In addition, the mobile money  solution supports the management of budget accounts that allow the allocation and dedication of funds to purchase certain goods.

MTS also provides mobile money solutions in emerging markets to allow the unbanked population access to easy-to use financial services such as cash-in, cash-out, bill payment, domestic money transfers, salary, etc.  More information about the Mobile Money Solution


MTS Subscription Cloud Billing Platform

Many businesses today are choosing a subscription-based business model and are developing recurring revenue offerings that can generate predictable, ongoing and subscription-based transactions and revenues.  There is also a big shift from on-premise software to cloud-based environments to manage products and services that are subscription based.  These elements are crucial for businesses to gain new customers retain their existing customer base and generate recurring revenue stream

The MTS cloud-based subscription billing solution is a complete end-to-end and secure platform that enables businesses to automate and manage the entire subscriber lifecycle from customer acquisition and recurring billing to customer care.  More information about the Subscription Cloud Billing Solution


Telecom Billing Solution

MTS provides a complete suite of carrier grade Customer Care and Billing (CC&B) and Billing and Operations Support System (B/OSS) solutions enabling TELCOS, IPTV providers and utility providers, to provision and service their customers and partners.

Thetelecom billing solution provides a carrier grade, scalable, multi-lingual, multi-currency, CC&B and B/OSS solution that simplifies the way in which operators and service providers settle with their customers. The telecom billing system also supports the interconnect with value added partners in a variety of markets and lines of business. MTS’s  ‘out of the box’ solutions are pre-configured to support the provisioning of wireless, MVNOs, Wire line and VoIP services as well as address the needs of IPTV, Gaming, Content, and general utility operators.  More information about the Telecom Billing Solution


Call Accounting Solutions

With telecom expenses representing 25% – 35% of your IT costs, you are faced with the need to define strategies, monitor performance, allocate and redeploy resources and charge back costs to appropriate business units. MTS TEM Suite will support your decision making with valuable information, help you fine-tune and monitor your processes, avoid unneeded costs and provide you with relevant statistics.

To reduce telecom costs, it’s first necessary to determine usage throughout the enterprise—and then to make certain that usage is charged to the appropriate business unit. Then, if necessary, user behavior can be modified to reduce expenses. More information about the Telecom Call Accounting Solutions